Online Application Opening Dates:

  • Prinsep Street Residences - For SMU full-time undergraduate students only.
    AY2024/25 (Aug 2024 - Jun 2025) - Applications CLOSED

You can refer to the below URL for more information for AY2024/25. https://cis.smu.edu.sg/residency/co-living

During the application window, PSR team from College of Integrative Studies will receive multiple applications for residency at PSR, which are reviewed on an ongoing basis. As such, we recommend that you apply as soon as the applications open, so that your application is processed and reviewed as soon as possible. This will allow them to offer you a housing lease sooner should your application be accepted.

While we cannot guarantee your acceptance, the mission of PSR is to make sure that our student residents come from all backgrounds, including local and international. So, we look forward to your application for AY2024/25 as we look out for students who wish to be part of our vibrant community.

For Prinsep Street Residences, all full-time undergraduates are welcome to apply. "IMAGINE a different university experience, where you live, learn and work with like-minded peers to transform our Community for the BETTER"

  • CAMPUS by The Assembly Place - For SMU full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students only.
    AY2024/25 (Aug 2024 - Jun 2025) - Open now and will close once the beds are filled up.

Balance available :

  • Female - 6 bedder Type B
  • Male - 6 bedder Type A

Find out more HERE

Applications would close once the beds are filled up.

FAQ for Login

Login for Freshmen and Postgraduate students (Before Matriculation):

Please click on “Forgotten Password” to reset your password using the email address that you have registered with SMU under the username field. An email will be sent to your registered email containing the instructions on how to do so.

Login for Freshmen, Senior Undergraduate and Postgraduate students (After Matriculation):

If you have just matriculated, please allow at least half a day for the system to update before you attempt to login with the below instructions.

Please click on “SMU ID Login” to login through SMU domain. You will need your existing SMU user ID (eg. xxxxx.2020) and password to login.

If you are still experiencing any difficulties with login, please send us a screenshot of the error together with your full name to us at psrhousing@smu.edu.sg for assistance.

Over the next few pages, we would need you to follow the instructions carefully and provide the information as needed for the application to be successful. Kindly note that the accurate provision of information and strict adherence to deadlines would be vital towards securing your accommodation, as applications would be assessed based on both the information provided and the manner that it is submitted.